Since 2013 Winner Futures has been a gateway for the fastest and most comprehensive access to the Chinese equities and futures markets. We are also the first company to offer the full range of services and technology needed to trade the markets in China. Our team of technologists has many years' experience, having been in the markets from the very beginning.

Uniquely, we offer all trading and support services to access both futures and equities markets, including options and convertible bonds traded at T+0. All trading services, support and compliance advice are under one roof for an HFT to trade in China. 

Working with several of the top 10 brokers, Winner Futures provides the fastest access to the world’s most dynamic markets, with the most knowledgeable and experienced team to make your trading in China a success. Our experience and close relationships with exchanges provide HFT clients with a competitive advantage. The combined services of technology, brokerage and deep understanding of Chinese markets give our clients the speed and reliability they need.

Our clients stay with us for years - most stay for more than 5 years - because they value the unrivalled access to markets we provide and our high quality of service.

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