Winner Futures

Unique low latency access to Chinese mainland futures & equity markets


Founded in 2013 by some of the leading exchange technologists in China, Winner Futures has been providing a gateway to Chinese futures and equity markets for global HFTs since then, and has worked with some of the largest trading firms in the world. Its combined offering of technology, brokerage, regulatory consultancy and funding advice is unique in the country.


Offering first-hand knowledge of the markets, top-tier technology, and working with some of the top 10 brokers in China means trading firms have one trusted company for entering and trading Chinese markets.

Since 2015 a significant percentage of T+0 equities trading has been transacted by Winner Futures clients

Fastest access to Chinese futures & equity markets 

Unique ability to trade both stocks and futures markets

Proven, ultra-fast technology

End-to-end support for entering and trading Chinese markets

Access to some of the top 10 brokers in China

Winner Futures was one of the first companies to provide access to these markets

Clients and Partners

  • Working with one of the largest global HFTs since 2017
  • Providing access to the seven largest exchanges in China
  • Successfully worked with three of the 10 largest global HFTs

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Chi-Courser Investment

Nautilus Capitial



Futures & options

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