We pride ourselves on providing a personal service, tailored to the needs of each client. Not only do we offer the fastest access to Chinese markets, but we also provide all the support and assistance a trading firm needs to trade in China, and to navigate the regulatory and market complexities. 

Fastest access to Chinese futures & equity markets 

We have the fastest technology available to access exchanges in China.

Unique access to both stocks and futures markets 

We are the only company that offers access to both markets.

Thorough understanding of Chinese regulatory requirements 

Having been in the market since the beginning, we know all the regulatory practices and can help you navigate them.

Proven, ultra-low latency technology 

We offer the fastest technology in China.


We provide the fastest and most reliable co-located access to exchanges.

End-to-end support for trading in China

We will help you set up your trading desks, guide you through the process and give you the fastest access to the markets.

Working with some of the top 10 brokers in China 

We have long-standing, close relationships with our brokers and have been working with them since 2014.

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